REsilience & Active Community Transformation

Co-funded: European Union, Erasmus+ Program – Key Action 1, Mobility of young people

Period: 01.08.2020 – 31.01.2022

The situation created by Coronavirus (COVID-19) is set to have a profound impact, with far-reaching implications for the way people live and work across Europe and the globe.
In the light of everything that has happened with the COVID-19 pandemic in the last few months all over Europe and specially Spain, has put a lot of stress on young people, both from the psychological effects of the social isolation, but also the challenges associated with the financial crisis we are all heading towards, in which the youngsters are among the most vulnerable groups.
All these require great capacity from the youngsters to manage their emotions and anxiety, but also to build their resilience in order to deal with the life, social and economic changes associated with COVID-19 crisis, which magnitude nobody can foresee for now, being an on-going and never-lived situation.
As an organization which works with youth and seeks developing their skills both for life and for the job-market, we need to help them in creating contexts for growth, thus REACT aims at building resilience in young Europeans through meaningful participation. Research has shown that resilience is built also through meaningful participation of youth – “a youth participation, which seeks to empower and engage young people in issues relevant for them. Participation may take on a variety of forms, but includes the contribution of ideas, opinions and feedback to an organization and participation in a range of activities.” (“Building resilience in young people through meaningful participation”, by Kylie Mosely, Philippa Collin, Jane M Burns, Jonathan Nicholas)

Expected results:

  • 38 youngsters from 6 European countries with an enhanced set of competences;
  • A 7 days youth exchange in which 38 youngsters and 7 group leaders from 6 European countries will be involved in a learning experience using non-formal education methodology, based on the exchange of ideas and experiences;
  • 120 youngsters from the 6 countries involved in the project will attend informative workshops on the learning and participation opportunities for youth at European level;
  • Minimum 6 project applications submitted to the ESC Program for local solidarity projects, with the support of the partners in the project, and using the ideas generated during the exchange.

Main activities:

REACT seeks to help young European build resilience in two ways:

  • Organizing an youth exchange with them and for them in which 38 young participants from 6 European countries will share knowledge and experience in order to have a better understanding of what resilience is and why is important to increase it. They will learn about ways to become more resilient, will be empower and supported to take initiative and actively participate in their communities through their own solidarity projects, through the European Solidarity Corps grants.
  • Prepare and submit minimum 6 solidarity projects in the months following the YE, with the support of the sending organizations and inform 120 young Europeans of opportunities of participation at European level through the Erasmus+ and the ESC Programs.


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