P.O.D. – support in project writing and coordinating

Have you thought about initiating an international mobility project, but do not know how?

Contact us and find out how we can help you develop your own mobility project.

P.O.D. offers services in different European projects related to youth, education, training, sport and culture with special attention to the “ERASMUS +” program in which our team specializes in the following actions:

Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action 3: Support for policy reform

Our services include support in:

  • drafting the project’s application
  • the search for the best national / international partners for the project
  • the presentation of the project
  • contracting (in case of approval of the project)
  • promoting the project
  • the selection of participants
  • sending participants
  •  project managing and monitoring
  •  evaluations, certification and dissemination of project results within the partnership and community

P.O.D. – intermediary institution in mobility projects

In mobility projects there are always two organizations, one sending and the other hosting, but the intermediary organization does not always exist.
Having an intermediary partner will avoid potential problems in areas such as:

  • logistics – accommodation, food, transportation
  • compatibility practice – participant profile
  • lack of follow-up and monitoring “on the ground”
  • compilation of documentation and evaluation
  • lack of human resources

…and many more

P.O.D. has been working with mobility projects in Tenerife for a few years now, having solid local partnerships and contacts in order to provide the best solutions for each project’s specific needs.

Responsibilities of P.O.D. as an intermediary entity:

  • selection of participants
  • organization of internships (matching / profile and motivation)
  • accommodation
  • intercultural programs and language courses
  • logistics aspects (documentation, transfers, local transport, pocket money and welcome)
  • individual supervision and tutoring in all phases of the project
  • project management (evaluation certificates, final report, etc.)