At the most basic level, a sport activity well designed that incorporates the best value of sports – self-discipline, respect of the opponent, fair-play, team work, respecting rules – helps people in developing values and communication abilities needed to prevent and solve conflicts that appear in the day to day life. Sport can play a very important role in reducing the social tensions and the conflicts in communities and at national level, tackling the causes of that exclusion and proportioning an alternative entering point in the social and economic life of the communities. Using movies as a tool will help the participants have a better understanding of social inclusion and sports; and through the creation of movies, that will be played in the communities of origin, it will be promoted the principles and values debated during the project.

Objectives at participants’ level:

  • Understand the role of sports in the personal development and in social inclusion, in eliminating barriers, stereotypes and promoting communication
  • The exchange of ideas and experiences between youngsters from different European countries on the use of sports for social inclusion
  • The increase of the sense of initiative, leadership and team work
  • The developing of fair-play and discipline
  • Familiarize with the steps and the techniques in making a short movie
  • Making a minimum of 7 short movies that promote social inclusion through sports
  • Developing the abilities and the technical knowledge regarding recording and editing a movie
  • Developing cultural competences and working in multicultural environments
  • Increasing tolerance and accepting diversity
  • Improving the level of English, both in the sport and movie areas, as informal and knowledge about other languages

The objectives at organizational level are:

  • The organizational development of P.O.D. Association, as well as the partners, in the use of visual arts and sports in promoting social inclusion
  • Increase the European project management of P.O.D. and the collaborations at European level of all the NGOs involved in the project
  • Networking among the European association represented in the project

Period: 01.01.2015 – 01.11.2015

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Direct beneficiaries: 49 young people, with ages between 18 – 30 years old and 7 group leaders, residence in one of the 7 partner country: Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Greece, Italy, and Portugal.

Main activities:

Youth Exchange, 19.07.2015 – 01.08.2015, that involved young people with fewer opportunities and support the initiative and cooperation with other youngsters, that don’t belong to disadvantaged groups. With the purpose of reaching their potential, developing their social abilities and competences that lead to the mitigation of the social disadvantage, this project offered 56 European youngsters the frame for the exchange of ideas, experiences and team work in outdoor activities, sports and tasks in making short movies about the use of sports for social inclusion.

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