The population of the countries from the old communistic block or under dictatorships, like that of Franco, is still influenced in the way it thinks by the principles of those political regimes and that is reflected in the generations that followed. The concept of volunteer work is relatively new in a lot of the countries from Eastern Europe and misunderstood in the European Union’s countries, but the necessity of an active and constant participation of the youngsters both in social and political areas is extremely felt.
The needs of communities that are hard hit by unemployment, like Tenerife in Spain, the poor countries from Europe, like Romania and Bulgaria, but also the countries of Eastern Europe, require a high involvement of youngsters in several fields in order to generate positive change and a sustainable development.

The exchange of ideas and good practices between youngsters from the European Union and neighbour countries, from Eastern Europe, to better understand the concept of active participation of youngsters in communities and the benefits of volunteer work in the personal, professional and communitarian development.

Period: 01.05.2015 – 01.01.2016

Location: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Direct Beneficiaries: 36 youngsters with ages between 18 and 30 years and 6 group leaders, citizens or residents of Spain, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, and Armenia

Youth Exchange, 17.09.2015 – 27.09.2015, where the participants exchanged ideas and experiences on the topic of volunteering, active participation and youth associativism, as well as made 7 short movies that promote the benefits of the Erasmus+ Program for youth.

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