Aim and Objective of WOYPOC:

  • Facilitate transition of teenagers from the addicted world to the real world in order to reduce the effects of addicted behavior through healthy lifestyle and culture exchange.
  • Build self-confidence in young people to become decision makers and practioners in their own lives and communities.
  • Bring disadvantaged young people into advantageous position in communities.
  • Promote the use of ICT tools in order to ensure that young people can show their talent.
  • Provide integration of addicted youth into societies and awareness of multilingualism and EU citizenship

A1- Advanced Planning Visit, 16th – 18th of May 2016, in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
A2 – Youth exchange, 9th – 17th of August 2016, in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain on the theme of internet addiction
A3 – Youth exchange, 22nd – 30th of September 2016, Reykjavik, Iceland on the theme of drug addiction


  • Presentation on EU culture and EU citizenship
  • Cultural excursions and city tours
  • Presentations of culture and languages
  • Presentations on the project’s website and other social media
  • Two mobile apps on Internet and substance addiction introduced
  • Training on app-inventor with a special video
  • Presentations on Internet and substance addiction from the project’s youth groups
  • Two theme-based theatre plays prepared and presented
  • Two newsletters prepared and published
  • Quiz-competition
  • Sporting activities

Participants’ Profile: youngsters with ages between 16-20 years old




Borgarholtsskoli – Iceland

Siauliu “Romuvos” gimnazija – Lithuania

Elazig City Department of Education – Turkey