Business creativity is a project idea that was initiated due to the members of P.O.D. association that are specialized in social economy and entrepreneurship, this way identifying the concept of “up-cycling” like a viable business possibility for young people. The total lack and/or gaps in the youngsters’ education regarding entrepreneurship, doubled by the necessity of anchoring them in the contemporary reality have lead to this project.
In Spain is a necessity and based on the principles of free trade of the European Union, we consider it vital and essential the partnership with other European organization, that car add value to the project with the purpose of improving the intercultural dimension in planning and building of a business in an European country.


  • Developing entrepreneurship abilities among the young participants
  • Sharing ideas and experiences of young people from different European countries regarding entrepreneurship and recycling
  • Sharing good practices and ideas in starting a business
  • Understanding the role of creativity and using recycling materials for business and sustainable development
  • Developing cultural competences and working in a multi-cultural environment
  • Promoting tolerance and accepting of diversity
  • Increasing the level of English, both business related as informal

Period: 15.09.2014 – 01.04.2015

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Beneficiaries: 36 young people, with ages between 18 – 30 years old, unemployed, residence in one of the 6 country partner: Spain, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Poland, countries and/or regions that register a high rate of unemployment among young people.

Main activity:
Youth Exchange, 29.11.2014 – 7.12.2014, where the participants were involved in sessions using non-formal education methods that had 2 main dimensions: entrepreneurship and ecological/creative, through up-cycling. These youngsters learned the structure of a business plan, while will understanding the importance of using available and minimum resources, but also the added value that an ecological dimension can bring to an entrepreneurship initiative.

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