Co-funded: European Union, Erasmus+ Program – Key Action 1, Mobility of young people

Period: 10.03.2024 – 16.03.2024

Place: Camping Nauta, Tenerife, Spain


1. Organize and facilitate a youth exchange to raise awareness among 40 participants from 4 countries about the various factors that influence mental health, including social, environmental, and personal aspects.

2. Introduce expressive therapies such as art therapy, sensory therapy, and mindfulness as effective tools for improving mental wellbeing, and provide participants with hands-on experience in these therapies.

3. Explore cultural differences and similarities related to mental health in the participating countries, aiming to break down stigmas and stereotypes associated with mental health issues.

4. Empower the participants to become mental health advocates in their communities, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to promote mental health awareness and support others in managing stress, anxiety, and other common mental health challenges among youngsters through expressive therapies and mindfulness techniques.

5. Organize interactive workshops, discussions, and expressive therapy sessions that engage participants in a comprehensive exploration of mental health and wellbeing. All activities will rely non-formal education.

6. Supporting participants in developing their own projects related to mental health upon returning to their home countries, thereby creating a positive impact in their communities.


Romania – Asociatia Pastel

Croatia – Proni Center

Malta – Prisms

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