Project: 101051370 — EMYS — ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-YOUTH-TOG

Engaging Marginalised Youth for Sustainability (EMYS) is a two-year project which aims to trigger the motivation and enhance the capacity of young people to take actions and implement initiatives on local, regional, national and European level. By doing so, young people will become change makers equipped to advocate and deal with the challenges they face in their communities but also on a European level.

Our goals

  • To create networks and coalitions among youth organizations, young people and activists in youth movements across the EU
  • Support youngsters in creating grassroots initiatives and youth-led projects
  • Empower marginalized and underrepresented youth to become informed decision makers and change makers in their communities
  • Promote transcultural cooperation as a solution to the global crisis of climate change
  • Explore and develop NFE methods and techniques
  • Cultivate lobbying and advocacy competencies among young people
  • Enhance cross-sector innovation and collaboration with young people

Last November a training for workers took place in Austria, which was attended by 5 volunteers from our association, focused on working with young people on the island.

In this training they discussed the problems faced by young people in the different European countries that are part of the collaboration for this project, they also learned non-formal education dynamics and techniques that they can put into practice in their lives or work.