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The project Power Youth Up aims to create partnerships for creativity in youth to streamline Creativity and Active European Citizenship (AEC), starting on a community level.
We will reinforce the role of youth work in the construction of Europe and the right of young people to express their opinion on issues that concern them freely.
We will focus on creating methods that encourage creativity, experimentation, and active participation locally, both online and on-site.
It will include a joint strategy with local authorities (municipalities, civil parishes and others) to streamline community spaces, engaging and connecting young people using Youth Work.
We will create environments capable of increasing youngsters’ creativity, resilience, and participation, equipping them with tools and competencies to develop creative and innovative solutions to unprecedented risks and societal change. We want to develop the expressiveness and creativity of young people and fight the fear of failure, fostering curiosity and active experimentation.
At the same time, we want to empower Youth Workers, Leaders and Organisations to better engage youngsters using digital tools and platforms.

Activities and results:
IO1: A Guide for Local Youth Work Practices:
▪ Youth Work Practices in Community Places and NGOs;
▪ Assessment on the Local Needs of Young People;

IO2: Tools for Creativity and Engagement of Youth in Community Places
▪ Methodology for creativity and participation.
▪ Youth Workers’ Pocket Book – EU Strategy in Places for Youth;

IO3: Massive Online Course (MOC) for Digital Facilitation and Community Engagement;

IO4: Communication Strategy and Gamification for Youth Engagement

Transnational project meetings
TPM1 – Almada, Portugal – 5th until 7th of December 2021

TPM2 – Recanati, Italy – 10th until 11th of May 2022

TPM3 – Lefkadas, Greece – 12th until 14th of October 2022

TPM4 – Timisoara, Romania – 17th until 19th of October 2023

Training of trainers | Spain, Puerto de la Cruz | 20th – 27th April 2023

  • Test the different methods designed by the partners during the development of the IO2.
  • Training before the local piloting of each partner.
  • Develop the bonding between the staff from the different organisations.

Multiplier events
Encounter of Youth Workers from Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Thursday, 23.11.2023, 11.00 – 16.00
Espacio El Molino, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Introduction speech – Council-woman of Education and Youth from the City Hall of Santa Cruz, Charín González

Presentation of good practices in working with youth in Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

  • Youth houses of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Distrito Joven
  • Urban Garden El Sobradillo
  • Power Youth Up (presentation of the project, experiences shared by the staff members, presentation of the IOs)

Participatory art using clay (from the IO2) to represent youth work

Working in 4 small groups on the following topics and present the results to the big group:

  • Research on needs and motivation in youth – frequency, tools, resources, etc.
  • Creativity in educational and leisure proposals for youth
  • The use of technology in working with youth
  • The use of gamification to attract and retain young people

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