To efficiently work in a social environment, in an organization that offers social services, you have to be able to understand the pain of others, to have the capacity to look for solutions to help them and offer the adequate services that respond to real needs. The work with disadvantages groups require a high level of empathy and it is thought that all those that work in NGOs have it very developed, but the practice and direct contact with this world has shown the contrary. A lot of people are not empathetic or don’t know how to show it.
Empathy is a learned ability and it is developed through continues practice. There are people that are born empathetic. They can feel the pain of others and can put themselves in another’s’ shoes without any difficulty. But for the majority, empathy is a challenge.


  • Learning about their level of empathy
  • Developing the ability of empathy though active listening, deciphering messages, verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Familiarize with tools to address conflicts with empathy
  • Familiarize with invisible theater – elements, structure and its utility
  • Developing cultural competences and working in multicultural environments
  • Increasing tolerance and accepting diversity
  • Improving the level of English, both formal and informal, but also the knowledge of the languages of the other participants present at the course
  • Networking between the NGOs represented in the project

Period: 01.01.2015 – 30.09.2015

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Direct beneficiaries: 27 participants (decision takers, project coordinators, association directors, EVS coordinators, youth workers, trainers and volunteers) from 9 European countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Spain)

Training course, 08.06.2015 – 15.06.2015, where the participants developed their own intra-personal and inter-personal intelligence. They increased their empathy level and learned methods and techniques to achieve it.

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